Caffeine and Addiction

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been addicted to caffeine.

When I was a child, nothing could compare to the sweet sweet taste of a cold Pepsi on a hot day, or a cold day, or any other day for that matter. I wasn’t ever allowed to have too much at once, of course, but I would do a lot of things to get my hands on some soda.

Fast forward to today. I wake up, go to work, then come home and sit on the computer for most of the day, excluding the bare necessities of each day. I’ve long since come to the conclusion that I tend to get addicted to things much more easily than my peers for one reason or another. For this post’s purposes, the reason doesn’t really matter, just the fact that it is, indeed, like that.

I weigh something like 240 pounds, Imperial. I’m 6’1″. This qualifies me as technically obese even though I only really have what looks like a beer belly; you can tell I used to be skinny. But it’s difficult to stop myself from drinking upwards of two liters of soda a day. The habit is near-enough automatic as it stands.

Today, I have decided to replace soda as much as possible in my life. I’ve ordered some time-delay caffeine pills, bought a couple nodoz / smaller portions of soda for the meantime, and am currently waiting on Amazon to ship my stuff.

What I hope to accomplish with this is threefold. One, I want to lose the weight. This is a vital step in the second objective, which is to create a more body-positive self-image. Lastly, but not least by any means, I’d like to have the energy to go out and do stuff more often than once a week.

Here’s hoping that it works like I think it will.

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