Week 3: Fractured – Beneath The Ashes [2011]

I’m a day late and a dollar short…again. Fractured – Beneath The Ashes is what is catching my attention this week, and I’m here to spread the fun.Spotify link to listen in. Here are my top 3 tracks from this album. I could go on and on about what it is about this album I like. I won’t do that, because that would be boring, and suck.Just know that I will one day overpay to import a copy of this from Europe. Considering how broke I normally am, that should be endorsement enough. Dishonorable mention to “Transendental Rage for the… Read moreWeek 3: Fractured – Beneath The Ashes [2011]

Week 2: 9mm – On The Edge [2005]

I meant to post about this yesterday, but forgot. :< This week, I would like to shine some light on 9mm – On The EdgeOr listen via spotify now. Picking my top tracks from this album was even more difficult than last week’s album in part because this feels like it was meant to be listened to back to back, that each song builds on the one before and lays ground for the next song. That said, I eventually settled on these three. With an honorable mention to “So Scared” for setting the tone of the album. This is “officially”… Read moreWeek 2: 9mm – On The Edge [2005]

Week 1: Reol – No Title- [2014]

This is a rewrite. Previously I had posted particularly dense statistics. The album I’d like to highlight this week is No Title- by Reol and GigaP Or, to listen now, a spotify link. Picking my top 3 tracks from this album was quite difficult, as they are all quite good. But in the end, these are the tracks I enjoyed the most. In my honest opinion, the entire album is great, and certainly worth your time.