Part 3: Phone Emulation on GNU/Linux based systems

The objective of this article is to share my phone emulation setup, which works reasonably well for me, in the hopes that it is useful. This setup neatly solves the majority of “I’m unable to install certain apps!” problem that most have on Linux, by adding “ARM Translation” as part of the installation process. We do this because some phone apps are written for the ARM architecture exclusively. This is the major cause of being unable to run certain apps in genymotion. This is confirmed to work on Linux Mint 20 and Linux Mint 21. Your mileage may, but hopefully… Read morePart 3: Phone Emulation on GNU/Linux based systems

Part 2: Fresh Windows Install (what to install)

Ninite is good for provisioning new software to a new computer, has a decent amount of software available, and is a very hassle-free way to install a set of software on a new windows machine. For a fresh install, I recommend the following software: Firefox, qBittorrent, 7-Zip, Zoom, Thunderbird, Discord, Steam, VLC, MusicBee, Silverlight, TeraCopy, IrfanView, Foxit Reader, LibreOffice, Dropbox, Spybot 2, Malwarebytes, Python 3, FileZilla, and Notepad++. I also provisionally recommend Everything, but would recommend you download and install it separately if you don’t want to be nagged on every startup for admin permission. For whatever reason Ninite doesn’t… Read morePart 2: Fresh Windows Install (what to┬áinstall)

Part 1: uBlock Origin

If you are not using uBlock Origin at this point, you are doing something wrong. Advertising on the internet has been ballooning out of control in the past 10 years. So much so, that most corporate sites became heavily bloated messes Google had to rescue from themselves via AMP. If it is at all available to you, install uBlock Origin Extra as well. It makes it harder for 3rd party actors to pretend to be first party in regards to cookie and tracking. WordPress, alone, has at least 7 blocked entries per page; at least 10% of total requests. This… Read morePart 1: uBlock Origin