Blog D2

Hung out at my friends house for a couple of days. Played a lot of Smash, mainly as Palutena & the spellcasts whose name I can’t remember half the time (Robin?). Trying to beat my friends fully trained amiibos is an exercise in frustration, but it’s sharpening my skills. I turned 26 recently. Where of where is my youth going in such a hurry? Started playing mahjong again online. Picked up a new game called Diplomacy. Not sure if I like it yet, as online play is slow, if not as bad as Mafia in playtime per game. I feel… Read moreBlog D2

Blog D1

Went home at 3am, managed to get caught up on Hajime no Ippo & write out a few mafia posts. Also read a few of Mastin’s blog posts. Mafia is a party game that pits people against one another; the informed minirity vs the uninformed majority. It can be played in person, via a forum, via IRC chat, or via video conferencing. Any further mentions will be described as such. Hajime no Ippo is a boxing manga that I’ve been following for quite some time. At the time of writing, it has 1083 chapters and is still ongoing. I’m going… Read moreBlog D1

Prompt: Procrastination

I have been putting off a lot of things recently, so it is hard to pick out just one thing.  I have a multitude of games on Steam that I have yet to even install, much less play.  I haven’t been looking for a job as much or as often as I should.  For some reason I just can’t bring myself to care too much.  I have also been putting off looking up this ‘purge’ thing that is supposedly happening at the end of this month, even though it sounds pretty dangerous. If you’re thinking that this is less like procrastination and… Read morePrompt: Procrastination